Thursday, July 9, 2009

Cry No More ( lyrics...)

death is there
right in our face
death is always right there
we never give it chase

we stare death in the eye
and it stares right back at us
so we tell death, "go to hell!"
'cause you can't forever rule us

there's going to come a time death
when you no longer rule the way
'cause right now I'm giving you the finger
so you might as well go away

I know, I know we'll meet for sure some day
but until then death, all I have to say
is that you can't rule us
that you can't fool us

we know what you have in mind
for all of human kind
but in the end, in the very end
you remain the foe, not the friend

so we won't stop livin'
and know we won't stop givin'
a damn about our fellow man on this here earth
because we know that day is coming...a brand new birth!

no I'm not gonna' cry no more for ya'
no I'm not gonna' die no more for ya'
you been here long enough to know
that my love for you will always grow

to reach the highest hill and tree top
no I'm not ever, ever gonna' stop
lovin' you ... lovin' you ... lovin' you

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