Friday, February 19, 2010

Pedal Our Wares (a business idea)

My husband, Oscar and I are very interested in a home based business of sorts. Our most recent business idea is called, "Pedal Our Wares".

We would sell various wares from a kiosk like cart that could be positioned in various ways around the downtown Lakeland (FL) area on the weekends: either at a stationary marketplace, pedaled or mobile with a small quiet motor attached. We have yet to see this creative way of selling goods to the public and would like to jump on the opportunity if available. I could only imagine the looks of surprise we'd endure as we pedaled past onlookers; potential customers.

We think it would be sheer genius to offer pedestrians, sightseers and onlookers a chance to purchase say, a soda and a bag of chips, a bottle of ice cold water or a T-shirt, towel or other piece of merchandise that references their stay in the area. It would be the talk of the town if you ask me to sell merchandise from a mobile kiosk, that just happens to be rolling by.

We'll keep looking into this idea as well as continue to brainstorm and come up with the next best thing. So watch for us to make our stand and earn a piece of the American Dream.

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