Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mind My Own Business

"Why can't I just be happy with the hand that I was dealt in this life?"

Shouldn't I be satisfied with what I have? My health, family, job, car and a place to live. That should be enough right? Well that's not what society tells me. Society tells me that if I want to be able to make certain decisions regarding my health, family, job, car and place to live, then I should and must take action.

But what does that mean "take action"?

To me, it means I should and must take more personal responsibility for the hand that I was dealt in this life. I should and must look "outside of the box" that is my view of life. This is why I'm so heck bent on creating a Home Based Business of some sort that will allow my family and me a sense of security and freedom that the average employer can't offer me.

Yes there's a lot involved in creating and maintaining a Home Based Business, but therein lies due diligence. Where you have to say, "okay, I'm in control now and so I must make this work", "And if it fails, I have no one to blame but myself" - but we won't allow those negative thoughts to infiltrate and commandeer our goals.

So I intend to make it a point to become educated in the realm of creating a Home Based Business; learn from those who've made a go of it, ask for help when it's needed and network whenever possible.

If you find that you have some words of wisdom and or encouragement to share, then by all means, please do make note of it here on my blog.


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